Hello, and welcome!  Let me introduce myself.  I am  Jae Hartzell, the creator  and owner  of Jean Boucher Photography. 

       It took me almost 40 years to realize that I was seeing the world through a camera lens' eye, not just my human eyes. I would always "see" something differently, and did not realize it meant that I was to be blessed with what would become an amazing career.

    I started shooting professionally several years ago and it is nothing short of wonderful. I don't really call it my job, but an adventure, a learning experience, and a joy to be able to show people what they may not see about themselves that is beautiful, or makes them smile. To be a part of holding timeless for others pieces of their lives to share with future generations is priceless and an honor.  

     I do have to say I am a lucky gal, and hope to be able to work with any of you gracing my site with your visit.

      Thank you for stopping by and please call with any questions, 631-560-8276.

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